Why Diets Don’t Work


Many people who make the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle will turn to some type of fad diet. Many universities have studied the numerous diets around today and they have all come to the same conclusion: “Diets simply do not work” as they cannot be maintained forever and here’s some reasons why:-

Diets can be too complicated.

They tell us to count calories; keep track of absolutely everything we eat; what, when and how much to eat (regardless of our food preferences). They deprive us of certain kinds of foods or limit us to extremely small portions.  In the short term there will probably be weight loss. However, eventually the complexity of it gets too much, we quit and gain back the weight we have lost, sometimes we gain even more!

Diets make you hungry.

Some diets claim to let you eat what you want and some even include sweet treats, but your daily calorie intake must remain under a certain level. Often this is extremely low. The more logical approach would be to reduce calories moderately and work out more so you are still burning more calories than you take in. Since many fad diets don’t include work outs, the calories deficit can only be achieved by drastically reducing food intake so you are constantly feeling hungry.

Diets make you tired.

Many diets are simply too low in calories and they don’t provide you with enough energy to get through the day, let alone do your workouts as well. Even weight loss programmes that do include exercise routines expect you to eat tiny portions and then workout vigorously. Your metabolism slows down making you feel jaded and fatigued all the time.

Simply put diets are unnatural, unrealistic and unhealthy, they can never become a lifestyle that can be lived with and enjoyed!

Instead think about making gradual, realistic changes every day to your current lifestyle: cut down the junk food, eat the correct portion sizes and start exercising.

Make healthy eating and physical activity a permanent pleasure in your life!



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