Stress-Free Christmas Tips

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It is a wonderful time of year but stress levels can certainly be put to the test as we begin to run around looking for presents for family and friends and ensuring we have the pantry and wine rack full for all the entertaining. Sometimes it’s a simple thing like not being able to find a car-park at the shopping mall that can push us over the edge!

Below we have listed some tips on how to reduce the stress of Christmas, which should be an enjoyable, fun and relaxing time for all!

1. Get organized and plan what you need to do well before Christmas with a ‘To-Do’ list of jobs that need to be done. Delegate some of the jobs to other family members in the house if possible – everyone shares in Christmas so all should share in the tasks beforehand!

2. Avoid excessive spending. For the older family members puts names into a hat and each person draws out a name (keeping it secret) and they buy a present for that one person.

3. Get creative with gifts, like a magazine subscription, gift voucher for massage or gym session!

4. Do your shopping early and online, avoiding the busy malls and ques. If you do need to go to the mall, try and avoid the weekend, or go first thing in the morning when it is quieter and easier to find a car park.

5. Don’t say ‘Yes’ to everything that’s asked of you, as you will over commit yourself and end up stressed.  This goes to all those invites to Christmas parties too. You can’t be everywhere at once. Only say ‘Yes’ to those you really want to attend.

6. Don’t over indulge.  The negative consequences of too much eating and drinking will stay with you for the next few days, affecting your body and your mood. Enjoy the day, keeping in mind healthy habits and some physical activity, both of which help in dealing with increased stress levels.




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