How to Keep Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine


It’s a similar story – Started out with a hiss and a roar, going to the gym four or five times a week, jogging or walking in the weekend. It’s all going really well, but slowly things crop up and you can’t get to the gym as regularly, or you begin to get bored with the exercise programme.  You fall off the exercise wagon! You might feel a little guilty about it which makes it harder to get back into it.

You need to Stop; Recognise it for what it is “a little slip up”, Pick yourself up and Get back on the exercise wagon!

Here are a few tips to help you re-commit:

Start Out Small:

We tend to do too much at the very start of our exercise regime and at a level which cannot be maintained.  It is better to start out smaller and progressively build up over time.

For example: exercise two or three times a week for 30 minutes and as you get fitter increase this to four times a week for 45 minutes. Or lifting weights in the gym, start out with lighter weights and as your muscles get stronger over time increase the weight.

Set Yourself a Goal:

When we have a goal it is easier to remain on track as we are motivated and driven to achieving it. Choose one goal to focus on, write it down, tell people about it and commit to it.

Routine, routine, routine:

Think about when you are mostly likely able to fit exercise into your day? Getting up a bit earlier and fitting it in before work; during your lunch break; or after work? Set a time and do it at the same time every day you exercise. It will soon become a routine that your body is used to.


You’ve told people about your goal and how important it is to you. Ask for their support and encouragement to help you along the way. You will hit times where your motivation may wane, this is where your support crew steps in to help you through.

Learn from past experiences:

Identify what happened last time you stopped your exercise programme. Put some plans in place to overcome any barriers that may get in the way in the future so they won’t get in the way again!

Use an incentive:

Sign up for a fun run or walk, so you have an incentive to stick to your exercise regime. Or tell yourself that after the first month of regular exercise you will treat yourself to some new gym gear!



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