Help Your Child Improve Their Posture


Hours spent watching TV, playing computer and video games and many having a lazy lifestyle are believed to have contributed to the increase in children with poor posture.  Some parents believe that their posture will correct itself as they grow older. This is not the case.  The posture your children develop now will stay with them throughout their lives. Poor posture at a young age can lead to back pain and injuries as an adult.

Below are some tips to help correct poor posture and instil good habits that will remain with your children.

At the Computer: If your children sit hunched over the computer either doing their homework or playing games having an adjustable chair is a must. Ensure they know how to alter the chair to the height which is suitable for them. Also show them how to adjust the angle of the computer so it can be viewed comfortably without having to lean forward to see the screen.

Take a Break: Encourage your children to have a break from the computer every 20 to 30 minutes. Get up and move around and/or stretch. If they are unable to take a break have them stretch in the chair. For example join you fingers together, lift your arms above your head, reach hands to the ceiling and then lean back over the chair, hold for 3-5 secs then repeat 5 times.

Limit Time: Give your children a time limit when playing video or computer games and stick to it. 30 minutes is usually enough for one session, and then get them up and moving.

Get them Moving: The human body was made to move, not be stationary for hours on end. Get your children out and active, either in a sports team or simply taking part in activities like swimming, cycling or kicking a ball around with friends.

Gentle Reminders: Often it’s such a habit they don’t realise they are doing it! So when you notice your child slouching give them a reminder to lift their head and roll the shoulders back.

Lead by Example: Parent should set good examples and follow the above guidelines as well. Children will learn habits from their parents, make them good habits!








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