Exercise Ideas for Outside


The skies are brighter and the weather is warmer weather, no wonder we want to get outside. The fresh air can help us clear our minds, give us energy and help us relax after a stressful day. Whatever the reason, here are some ideas for getting a good workout outdoors.


  • Power walking, meet up with a friend or join a group of like minded people, and get those arms and legs pumping!
  •  If a power walk doesn’t cut it for you, what about a hike! Pack water and food, grab a friend and keeping to the tracks, reconnect with our beautiful bush and forests.
  •  Pack a picnic lunch, cricket set and balls and spend the day with the family playing at a park.
  •  Swimming in the warmer months is wonderfully invigorating. Either after work or in the weekend, grab your togs and towel and head to the nearest beach for a walk followed by a refreshing swim.
  •  Don those helmets and head out for a bike ride. There are lots of bike lanes and shared footpaths around town, or head to the hills for some off road adventure.
  •  Take your Home Workout Programme outside to the local park.
  • Try a Group Outdoor Exercise Class (or Boot Camp) one weekend morning. The instructor will help you exercise safely and motivate you!!
  •  Have a go at something new: horseback riding, rent a row boat at the lake, get some friends together for game a volleyball.
  •  Struggling to find time to fit some exercise in today? Park the car further away from your destination or get off the bus a stop or two ahead and then walk briskly.




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