Craving Control

Credit:Chris Kresser

Do you feel overwhelmed by your need for certain foods (usually junk food) at certain times of the day? Do you let your stomach rule over your mind? Do you allow short term gratification to get in the way of your long term goals as you once again give in to your cravings urge?

Well it times to take control of those cravings and send those bad habits packing. Use the following simple strategies to combat those cravings for good.

  1. Drink water before you eat anything:  More often than not you are actually thristy not hungry.  Really think before you eat. Are you really hungry? Or are you just bored, worried or upset? Pour a glass of water and drink while you think.
  2. Write out a shopping list: And do not deviate from it! Plan one week of healthy meals and snacks. Shop for the items required on a full stomach, that way you will be less tempted to divert from the list.
  3. Be prepared: Always carry a healthy snack with you (dried fruit or a muesli bar) for when you are out on the go.  That way you wont need to pop into that bakery or dairy where temptation lays in wait.
  4. Don’t skip meals or snacks: Missing meals will slow your metabolism down, and a slow metabolism burns calories very slowly. Eating three healthy meals and two snacks each day will keep the metabolism functioning effectively and keep hunger at bay.
  5. Avoid fatty meals and snacks during the day: Research has shown that these foods may heighten galanin levels, which leads to more fat cravings at night. (Galanin has a role in the regulation of food intake by way of acting on the central nervous system, elevated levels may contribute to over eating and the development of obesity).
  6. Reduce the amount of  sugar, caffeine and refined grains in your diet: These are quick-fix energy lifts and only impair your weight-loss efforts and fuel even more cravings in the long run.
  7. Allow yourself a little treat: Total depreviation may lead to a total loss of control. To prevent an all out binge allow your self one little treat each week or fortnight.  Buy only one item (ie: a small bar of chocolate, not a entire box of chocolates) and take your time to enjoy it.
  8. Be active: Studies have shown that people who are active are less inclined to bingeing and cravings and also maintain a more constant weight.


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