Are you ‘Too Dressy’ or ‘Too Saucy’?

Credit:Aqui Cal-Mex

If so, you could be adding extra, unwanted calories to your meals.

A healthy and nutritious meal can be altered dramatically, making it laden with fat, simply by saturating your salad with mayonnaise or by pouring a creamy sauce all over your chicken.

To avoid using an excessive amount of dressings and sauces we recommend you always have your sauce on the side, that way you are in control of how much you have on your meal.

And be mindful of the fat content that is within those condiments that you are consuming.  Below we have listed a few of the most commonly used sauces and dressings with some other alternatives to help you make the right choices when it comes to your health and your condiments!

Tomato and Barbecue Sauce: Tomato sauce = 76kJ per tablespoon and Barbecue is 159kJ per tablespoon. Not too high a kilo joule count however they both tend to be used in rather large quantities – smothered over chips, burgers and hot dogs.  Alternative: swap them for a tomato salsa, which is almost devoid of sugar and lower in salt than tomato sauce. Try a salsa from the Old El Paso range.

Tartare Sauce: Love this sauce all over your piece of fish? At 258kJ per serve and containing 6.2grams of fat, this makes a healthy fish meal not so healthy!  Alternative: swap this sauce for a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and some freshly cracked black pepper over your fish instead.

Mayonnaise: For whole egg mayo you are looking at a whopping 620kJ per tablespoon with 16 grams of fat!  A light version of mayonnaise is still around 270kJ per tablespoon.  Alternative: Ditch the mayo on your chicken and salad sandwich and use hummus instead.

Salad Dressings: We are talking about those creamy dressing like Caesar, ranch, thousand island, all of which pack a mighty kJ punch.  Alternative: Swap these dressings for something a like a Light Italian dressing or make your own Balsamic dressing with balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, Dijon mustard and some cracked pepper.

Mustard: Now these are generally pretty good options to use as Dijon is about 81kJ per tablespoon and whole grain is around 102kJ. But do look out for honey mustard as it contain more sugar and is 198kJ per tablespoon.

Dips: There are so many to choose from these days, many made from eggplant, capsicums and spinach that you would think that they are good for you. Not so. Many of these are a hefty 199kJ per tablespoon, so that pre dinner snack becomes meal in itself!  Alternative: Swap these for hummus or a yoghurt based dip like Cucumber, Mint & Yoghurt or bring out that Tomato salsa again.



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